Google Drive is a great way to not only streamline your workflow into one place, but collaborate with your colleagues. G Suite (paid domain holders) users traditionally haven’t had the absolute latest of functions when it comes to the Drive functions but more are coming very soon.

I’m lucky enough to have G Suite at my paid employer so I see both worlds and sometimes feel hamstrung by missing functionality at work. The chat feature in Sheets and Docs is a particularly useful collaboration tool that until now has been missing. It’s very simple, next to the avatars of users who are currently logged into an Doc, Sheet or Slide presentation there’s a chat symbol… Click it and you get a popup window that is a close chat between you and other users on that Doc.

I can confirm after a quick test this morning that it is already available to some G Suite users but if you’re not seeing it you’ll need to wait for the rapid release schedule beginning on June 7th.

What functions would you like to see in G Suite that are currently missing?

Source: G Suite Updates.