Postal ballots for the Australian plebiscite on marriage equality should be heading out through the mail, and Mighty Games has today released a new update for their hit game Shooty Skies adding in Rainbow Riders to show their support for the Yes vote.

It’s all about ‘celebrating justice, equality, and general niceness’, but it’s also about fun with the new update adding in nine new pilots – including Carmine San Francisco and Mr Sunshine – to Shooty Skies – three of which are secret. As well as pilots you can also see a few other extras including:

  • A vivid new landscape full of rainbows and love for our new pilots to fly above.
  • New tunes for joyous merriment.
  • Two thrilling mission objectives: Hack the Node and Rescue the People.
  • Clever behind-the-scenes trickery to make boss fights more fun!

Speaking about the Shooty Skies Rainbow Riders update and the postal vote, studio co-founder Ben Britten said

Weโ€™ve always been proud of our wonderfully diverse team, so itโ€™s important for us to encourage everyone to vote YES for love, acceptance and equality – in Australia and beyond. All of our staff and our community are accepted and appreciated for who they are, and we want to make sure all Australians feel that same kind of love. So please, fill in your ballot and vote YES!

As you can see from our PrideDroid logo and the Pride banner, Ausdroid wholeheartedly supports the Yes vote – and yes, the logo etc. will stay until after the plebiscite is closed.

If you’re ready to get into some colourful rainbow action, then head over to Google Play (or the iOS app store).

Shooty Skies
Shooty Skies
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    Dean Rosolen

    And if you want to know how to unlock the new secret characters, this Youtube video has you covered.