It’s a quiet Sunday, so if you’re off watching the kids play sport, or just relaxing at a café enjoying a quiet brunch, why not check out that old favourite: Snake.

Google has built it into the browser on both mobile and desktop just like Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire and even PacMan before it. It’s available by simply searching ‘Snake‘ in your browser and is also included in the Google Assistant when you select ‘Play a Game’.

It’s pretty simple to play, on mobile you simply swipe left/right and up/down to control the snake to eat the apples or on desktop you can use the arrow keys. There’s a satisfying crunch as the snake eats the apples, or like me you can just turn the sound off.

It’s a bit of fun for a Sunday, so if you’re bored now…or at work ;), try it out.