Ausdroid’s messaging app of choice, Telegram, has picked up some long awaited features in version 4.5 which is starting to roll out now.

The key feature for the update is grouped photos allowing you to upload up to 10 photos or videos and have them arranged in a neat, organised group shown as thumbnails in the chat. The uploads can also be ordered to allow you to show before/after photos in the correct order. Grouping photos allows you to cut down on the amount of notifications recipients receive with 1 notification instead of up to 10.

The grouping of photos also extends to profile pictures, which can now be scrolled through as an album making them easier to navigate.

Another key feature in the Telegram 4.5 update is the introduction of saved messages allowing you to bookmark messages into your ‘personal cloud storage’. Each saved message has a link to the place in chat where it was originally sent. Telegram has positioned the option to save a message at the top of the forwarding and sharing intents menus.

You can find saved messages in the Chats list or from the slide out nav drawer on Android.

Two additional features are also being rolled out in Telegram 4.5, an Improved Search function to make it easier to find public channels, groups and bots and Pinned Messages in Channels allowing admins to pin a message to their chats. Pinned messages will allow admins to focus attention on a particular message for new subscribers.

Telegram 4.5 is available to download now through Google Play so jump on over and update your app.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.