After announcing a heap of new feature improvements for Assistant earlier this month, the ability to intitiate custom Google Assistant routines from your Alarm clock is now rolling out in Australia.

The integration allows you to trigger a custom routine when you dismiss your alarm on your phone, starting things like the ‘My Day’ routine, turning on lights and more. The option shows up when you start a new alarm, or edit an existing one with the function greyed out until you select it then the Google Assistant icon gets coloured when active.

Once selected you then enter a screen asking you to define your routine, just like if you’d activated a custom routine on your phone, or Google Assistant powered speaker.

The update to include Google Assistant in your clock appears to be a server side switch, with no update to my Clock apps on various phones with it now showing, since the 10th of October.

If you’re wanting to try it out, it shouldn’t be too long before you see this on your phone or Android device.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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    Dave M

    I just downloaded the app after hearing about this function. Sure, the app description says it includes GA integration… But it’s not available for me. That’s on an up to date S7


    HI @Daniel, any word on when it actually will be available in Australia? Still not available for me and really keen on this working.

    “[…] is now rolling out in Australia.”


    Strange… I uninstalled and re-installed app. Version 6.0 and it’s still not showing up! Even though app Page lists it under “what’s new”.

    I have a Samsung s8?


    Very strangely, it seems to be intermittent with no rhyme or reason. Partners who have the same phone but only one has routines enabled.

    Posts from 4-6 days ago, but there are other posts since rollout with similar issue


    I hope it’s not us only


    Has anyone got this yet?


    Not yet. I did read over on Android Police that this was a US-only rollout. Not sure if it has expanded since then.

    Daniel Gray

    Good idea, not on my phone yet though.


    Still no g suite integration for paid business services so they can stick it


    They still don’t even have Google Music or YT Music support (but have Spotify). I should just jump ship already, they won’t even support themselves so why should I?


    What do you mean? They support both – I’ve made YT Music the default music service in the Home app.


    In the google clock app sorry. You can wake up as an alarm only to Spotify playlists currently.

    Allan Thomas

    Me too!