Google Duo got a lot more useful last week with a web interface allowing users to make call without their mobile devices handy; this may be quite a useful feature because it allows calls on a much bigger display.

Google’s apparently not done with improvements to the service, with reports the service is now rolling out non-video Duo calls to Home devices.

We’ve had Duo calls on Home Hub since launch, but audio-only calls remained the province of mobile devices. With this change, we understand that audio calls are now enabled on any Google Home device.

When a user sets up a new Google Home device from now on, they’ll be prompted to link their Duo profile to the new speaker. The existing phone number will be used to receive calls, but it’s not immediately clear how the service will determine which device(s) might ring.

The process for using Google Home to make audio-only Duo calls is the same as for Home Hub – simply say “OK Google, call x” and that’s precisely what will happen. The full list of instructions is available on Google’s help page for Duo on Home (but, relevantly, the audio-only instructions haven’t yet been added).


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The most obvious question: Can I call myself? If I am travelling for work can I use my Android mobile to call my Google Home if both devices are linked to the same Gmail account?


I’m in Melbourne and for me it worked on the day of this article. “Ok Google call kitchen display on duo” (home hub) however since then it dials rings twice and drops the call saying kitchen display is unavailable.
The home hub doesn’t ring but shows the missed call though.


Thanks Colin. Looks like I’ll need to do some testing…


Anyone bother to test this feature in Australia? Is it live? Or a US-only feature?


I’ve been waiting a while for this to be released. I wonder how long until it’s official pushed out to existing homes.