Australian Wi-Fi smart lighting company LIFX is looking to make Earth Hour in 2019 “unforgettable”. LIFX is asking its smart bulb users to go green by encouraging them to switch off their lights with a purpose-built in-app feature rolling out now to users.

The in-app feature will allow users to opt-in to Earth Hour participation via the app when prompted via a notification from midday today. Users will then need to select the relevant timezone they live in, and they will then receive a notification just before on Earth Hour at 8:30pm (2030hrs) on Saturday 30th March 2019, to turn off their smart bulbs for 1 hour.

After the Earth Hour has passed at 9:30pm (2130hrs), another reminder notification will appear with an option to turn the lights back on via the LIFX app.

Marc Alexander, Co-Founder of LIFX has said that:

“We’re confident our users are a sustainable bunch, but we know sometimes life gets in the way. It’s easy for 8.30pm to fly by without a second thought. That’s why we’re reminding our users to join us in supporting the world’s largest environmental movement,”

Earth Hour, which was started by WWF Australia over 12 years ago in 2007, now encompasses a worldwide movement seeing hundreds of millions of people take part in turning off their lights for one hour to help raise awareness to climate change. It is expected this year that over 7,000 cities in over 180 countries worldwide will take part.

If you own any LIFX smart Wi-Fi bulbs and use the LIFX app, the update is rolling out now to users and you can check out the app via the Google Play link below.

Price: Free
Source: LIFX Press Release - Earth Hour 2019.
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That would have been great if everyone all around the world had the possibility to use smart light bulbs. Having the ability to dim the light brightness according to their needs will save so much power.
Supposing they all have granted the cloud server to turn off their lamps at the earth hour, the whole city will fall into darkness 😀


It just turns the lights off? That’s all it does?

I thought it might do something more spectacular, like turn everyone’s lights green, or flash them before or after Earth Hour.


Agreed, pretty pitiful effort really if it just turns them off for an hour and reminds you. What’s the point of earth hour, it does nothing. Move to low energy bulbs and dim them for long periods every night where not needed is better than a useless 1 hour a year.