I love me some Dark Mode action, and we’ve been tracking the progress of apps that are introducing this ready for Android Q. Perhaps a little off-centre is the addition of a Dark Mode for web rolling, out now to Keep Notes users.

The G Suite blog has given users a quick update on what’s on the horizon, in this instance it’s dark mode for web users.

A couple of notes (see what I did there?) on the functionality: it’s a per-device activation, so don’t be surprised if your home PC doesn’t turn on just because your work PC has. It’s also off by default, although easily turned on in the Settings menu.

The roll-out began on July 9 (US time, of course) with a 5-day period where users will gradually see the feature enabled.

The Android Keep Notes app has had Dark Mode for a while now. As a heavy user, I’m thrilled the feature has made it to the web UI.

Source: G Suite Blog.
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I use keep fairly often for shopping lists , i wish Google would make the tick boxes bigger.
Dark mode will be appreciated though..