Todoist is one of many task management options out there, but it is our weapon of choice at Ausdroid. It has functions that mean you can share lists, assisgn tasks to individuals and schedule reminders as well as deadlines. It’s not perfect, but the Doist team are offering opportunity for users to join Todoist Foundations to try out new features early.

In the short term, you’ll have access to the upcoming feature set and ability to test it thoroughly.

Today we’re excited to invite you to the Todoist Foundations beta. This comprehensive update includes useful new features like Sections and Task View, as well as vital under-the-hood updates that improve performance and reliability – and lay the groundwork for even more powerful features in the future.

The changes immediately obvious are:

  • Sections: A way of breaking down projects into smaller well… sections
  • A far simpler single view for task management
  • Quick add is so much better, it’s actually quick to add tasks!

Slightly less obvious is the shared labels, new floating add task button and coloured icons which are very helpful to identify and separate tasks in your personal view.

I’ve been running Foundations for about 5 days now and have found that the sync issues I’ve had in the past are significantly reduced and my lists are easier to read. The interface is easier on my eyes with better colour coding for tasks to make identifying priorities easier. It honestly feels like a leap forward for software that was previously functional but a bit buggy at times.

Longer term if you choose to remain in the program, you’ll see early features that may not work as you expect. This is quite normal for a Beta program, so be aware of this if you’re critically reliant on the software. If you’re in for the long haul, be productive with it and test the software thoroughly.

If you find any issues, report any issues you find to the supplied email address: [email protected]

What productivity software to you use in your daily grind?

Source: Todoist Blog.