The Google Home app is the key to your smart home. By installing it, you’ve got the ability to link devices, create groups and link services. Until a recent update, linking services has been an optional extra but now the Home app is becoming proactive.

Your home screen now has suggested services to link immediately under your home name in the app. While I’m a user of Google services, I have Spotify installed on my phone for testing. So guess what appears for me?

The suggestion can easily be dismissed should you wish to, or tap the links and you’ll an information screen outlining how to link service and the advantages. You can dismiss this or open the login screen to link the selected service.

If you’re invested in the Google Ecosystem or developing your own smart home setup then linking any and all services you can be beneficial. It opens the world to automation and ease of control and you can always remove the service links you set up.

What services have you linked into your Google Home account?