It was just last week we saw the early stages of coloured tabs in Chrome to help organise users’ open browsing tabs. If a new flag in the Canary version of the browser is anything to go by there is more to come.

The feature sited by the 9to5Google team allows users to create groups of browser tabs and collapse individual groups. The implication of this for tab collectors is huge, instead of scrolling endlessly through open tabs they can find the group they need and open that only. For users like myself who are reasonably organised, I can close my personal browsing tabs when I’m working on Ausdroid news to avoid distraction.

NB. The feature is in Canary — A nightly build for developers — which you can download, but be aware it can be a touch unstable at times. So it may be some time before it comes to a stable version of the browser, but the change looks great.

If you’re keen to turn on tab groups, you can navigate to chrome://flags and enable tab groups. Then you can start using the feature, ready for the ability to collapse and increase your personal browsing efficiency.

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Good stuff , organizing things by color is great method of going straight to your stuff with just a glance .
Bring it on !