AI can be a beautiful thing, it can make our lives simpler and the latest feature from Google continues this. If you — like many — often receive messages to grab some essentials on the way home, it’s easy to forget! A 10am message just isn’t at the forefront of the mind by 4:30 in the afternoon. Android Police have noticed a new action button in notifications to allow a message to be set as a reminder.

The process looks pretty simple:

  1. A message comes in with a reminder, tap the set reminder control
  2. Set your time or location trigger for the reminder
  3. Save and forget… Until the reminder pops up!

Unfortunately, despite trying every messaging program we have, the feature isn’t yet available to us. So clearly it’s not widely available and the fact (tested by Android Police) that non-Google apps don’t appear to work suggests it’s linked with Google services — Keep and Tasks at this time — only.

That being said, messages from a number of third-party apps are triggering the offer of a reminder: Telegram and Whatsapp have both rated a mention. Undoubtedly if you’re running Google Messages this will work too being primary Google app. The seemingly very selective rollout perhaps means that it’s not a feature that’s ready for wide consumption, perhaps it’s in very limited testing or was it even meant to go public yet?

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Paul Thomson

Lol so setting a reminder this way goes to keep or tasks, but if I ask the assistant to set a reminder it goes to that other reminder list? Awesome.


It will be good Phil when all the Ai is fully super smart , although it is probably better than what little i make use of it for at home because old farts are sometimes thick as two planks when it comes to technology stuff , and probably double for me when it comes to computer stuff .
Am i the only one that looks forward to Hal 9000 AI (Except without the attitude that sends me out the airlock ๐Ÿ™‚ ) ?