Mask - Via Harvey Norman

In these unusual times, it’s important to remain vigilant with your hygiene. In 2020 a simple lapse with how thoroughly you’re washing your hands has the potential to be catastrophic for you and your family. Google Assistant is here to help in that regard, as well as the others we’re all very familiar with.

There are a couple of songs that recently started coming up when my kids asked Google Assistant to sing them a song. The first is a reminder to wear a mask in public:

When in public, wear a mask
Just a teeny, weeny task
It helps keep us safe and sound
Health and care, all around
On your mouth and on your nose
Good to cover both of those

The second is to wash your hands, which is timed to get listeners to wash their hands thoroughly and effectively with soap and water. It’s been an effective way to get my children to realise just how long you need to wash your hands to ensure that they’re actually clean.

Wash Wash Wash your hands
For 40 seconds, please
soap will chase the germs away
so you don’t cough and sneeze.

Lather up your hands about
about a half a minute more
get in between each finger,
you can never be too sure

Clean, Clean, Clean your hands
And if you’re getting bored
Remember friend, that in the end
Good health is your reward

Scrub, Scrub Scrub your hands
you’re almost there, hooray
Soap and water, lather up
At least 5 times a day.

Rinse, rinse, rinse your hands.
Just five more seconds now
We’re having fun, we’re almost done
Now let’s get you a towel.

You can trigger these by asking Google to “sing me a song” or specifically trigger them by asking “Help me wash my hands” or “Sing the mask song”. Both have their place aside from the simple novelty value in educating Assistant users around general hygiene and self-protection.