If you’re a user (work or personal) who spends a lot of time in Google Drive and Gmail then you know some of the hurdles in file sharing. As the connected world develops and dynamic email becomes more prevalent, the ability to share varying levels of file access just got easier.

According to a post on the Google Blog, you’ll now be able to share as well as change access to files inside Gmail.

When someone requests access to a Drive file, you’ll receive an email with the access request. Now, Gmail users will be able to manage that request directly from that email, without leaving the message. Specifically, you’ll receive a dynamic email that lets you review the request, choose the access level (e.g. edit, comment, or view), and grant access directly from the email.

The feature is in the process of rolling out to all users — G Suite and personal account holders — across the next two weeks and will be on by default for everyone. It’s a step forward to make life significantly easier for file sharing within the Google platform, perhaps it’s also a big step forward to make Google Drive viable in the eyes of reluctant users.