There’s a lot of users (myself included…) who share a Netflix account with others. Netlix knows this and, to some extent, turn a bit of a blind eye to the practice. There is some indication that they may be looking to crack down on account sharing soon. Gammawire note that some users are seeing a request to verify that they live with the primary account holder, something required by the terms of service.

At this stage, we’re not aware of any instances of the pop-up warning above in Australia. Exactly how and why this is being triggered is unclear and how they plan to enforce it is also unclear. In the short term, users have noted that “verify later” is working fine to continue watching. If it just requires a verification code every few weeks, surely it’s not going to stop too many account sharing setups.

Regardless of how this plays out, it will be fascinating to see how this plays out, it could pan out similar to the Spotify attempt at the same crackdown years ago.

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Morgan Hodgkinson

this will not work with an IP address because on the NBN(National Broadband Network) the every time there is an outage or pause of service which happens a lot on HFC, Fixed Wireless and Skymuster Satellite internet, Some areas on Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Curb and also Fibre to the Building.


They might work on different IPs at the same time when they come from different providers?