At some stage, you’re likely to have encountered an issue with an app losing functionality in the background. This is often the result of over-aggressive battery optimisation. Stemming from a logged issue, Google wants hear from app developers about this, so they can look further into what’s happening.

While it does happen on a lot of devices, it’s not as regular that this issue occurs on Google’s own devices. Even Samsung has slowly learned to walk the fine line between battery life and user experience, although it still happens. The Google Issue tracker links to a Google Form that requests information from users about what apps are being affected, how regularly and — perhaps, based on the early feedback — most importantly, the manufacturer of the phone.

The important thing to note here is that this is for developers to push feedback to Google. So if you’re having issues with your regular use apps getting shut down to save battery, get in touch with the developer and get them to lodge feedback.

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One of the worst offenders for causing this is the 900 tonne gorilla in the room. Samsung.
If Google were at all Serious in intending to actually resolve the cause of the problem they would not be pussyfooting around.
Only asking app devs, and NOT users, shows what Google wants to be seen, that there is no problem.
This so-called ‘investigation’ will go nowhere fast.


Whatever you do, Avoid phones with ColorOS on them (i.e. Oppo)