Unless you’re on an iPhone and using nothing but iMessage then messaging is likely a mess. You’ll be using multiple messaging apps for different friend groups, sometimes a separate app just for a few individuals. Well, Google has helped resolve this by getting rid of one of the options: Hangouts.

If you go looking for Hangouts in the Play Store, the listing is no longer visible to users. Further to this, even if you’ve stored the direct link to the Play Store, that too is dead. While the writing has been on the wall for a while, with Google pushing users to move their chats to Google Chat not everyone has.

There’s isn’t yet an official decommissioning date for the rest of the services, but it is coming. So perhaps it’s best to move over before you’re forced to move hastily at a later date.

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Paul Warner

Will you be able to uninstall it when it dies??


GooHell Hung-Out-To-Die, is a firmware program, so you will be actively prevented from being allowed to fully delete it from your device.


I wonder when Google will send itself to the Killed By Google, Google Graveyard.