Today Amazon has announced the addition of new Aussie lingo to Alexa’s vocabulary, ensuring Alexa can better understand some of Australia’s most unique, popular and need-to-know phrases when customers speak to their Echo devices.

Alexa can now recognise over 100 true blue phrases from “flick it on” to switch on the lights, “bucket down” to get a weather check and even “sparrows fart” when you need to set an early morning alarm. The move comes as research by Amazon reveals that our unique vernacular is amongst the top things that make us proud to be Aussie (53%). Other key findings include:

Key research findings include:

  • “Yeah/nah” (38%) “Mozzie,” (32%) and “Barbie,” (28%) are amongst our favourite Aussie slang
  • Over half of Australians (53%) say hearing Aussie slang makes them feel at home
  • 22% of young Aussies1 have used Aussie phrases in professional settings, and a sixth (14%) have used in their wedding vows or proposal.

Test out Alexa’s Aussie knowledge for yourself on Alexa-enabled devices like Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart screens, and Fire TV devices, or via the Alexa app. Some new commands you can try include:

  • Alexa, tell me something Aussie
  • Alexa, play an absolute banger
  • Alexa, day for it!

As interesting as the move is … and being an Aussie … I can’t say I’ve ever really spoken Aussie slang to Alexa, and I’m not sure that I would either. I think I might just feel a bit silly doing that!

Still, my thoughts to one side, lots of people do speak more casually, and having an AI that can understand you the way you speak is definitely a good thing to have.