Virgin Mobile wants you to stop losing your data caps. In what they’re saying is an Australian Telco first, Virgin Mobile last week announced new changes to their mobile plans which will allow post-paid mobile customers the ability to rollover unused data from one month to the next.

You’ve obviously paid for your data and Virgin wants you to keep it. The feature has been an oft requested on from Virgin Mobile customers apparently, which lead to Virgin Mobile listening to their customers and announcing what we think is a pretty good deal. Virgin Mobile did a survey of 1000 customers and found some interesting statistics.

  • 94 per cent of Australians think it’s unfair that something they have paid for is taken away with no second chance to use it.
  • 95 per cent wish they could hold onto their unused data.
  • 93 per cent said that having the ability to rollover data would be of value to them.
  • Almost a quarter of Aussie smartphone users (22 per cent) are dissatisfied with their current data usage plan.
  • The cost of additional data or breaking data limits had the highest rate of dissatisfaction for Aussie smartphone users (40 per cent).
  • Getting value for money when it comes to data is the number one thing that would make Aussie smartphone users consider switching their mobile plan or provider (52 per cent).
  • When it comes to the most important aspects of a mobile phone plan:
    • 99% of Aussie smartphone users say it’s value for money;
    • 94% say it’s flexibility in included data;
    • 94% say it’s the amount of data included in their plan.

The meat of the new announcement is that any data you don’t use from now on, is rolled over into next month, that data is then used first before you start cutting into the current months data cap, which will roll over into the next month, and so on, and so forth. If you don’t use all the data from the previous month, your current months data will roll over but you will lose that accrued data cap from the previous month. Virgin Mobile explain it like this :

This month, Johnny switched to a new Virgin Mobile phone plan with 2GB included data to use in Oz, and Data Rollover. At the end of the month, Johnny has only used 500MB of his 2GB data, leaving 1.5GB of unused data. Johnny’s new phone plan includes Data Rollover exclusive to Virgin Mobile. This means his unused data will roll over to the next month.

2GB (included data value) + 1.5GB (rolled over data).
So Johnny will have a grand total of 3.5GB to use thanks to Data Rollover!


Virgin Mobile CEO, David Scribner, sees the value in ‘rescuing’ the data which is lost each month, advising :

Data Rollover will revolutionise how Australians view their telco’s data offering and will change the mobile industry for good. People are hungry for data and it’s not fair that something they’ve paid for is snatched away after a month – they should get another chance to use it. I’m proud to say that we are the only telco rescuing people’s data.

Virgin has a number of great plans, with a few of the higher end ones offering additional data at the moment. To read up on the Virgin Mobile Data rollover offer, head over to the Virgin Mobile website and read all about it.

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    Brad Hook

    Was hoping this would be simply added to current plans, but nope. Have to upgrade. 🙁


    Here in NZ Vodafone, 2Degrees and Skinny have had roller minutes and data for some time on both prepay and postpay plans.


    Sounds good to me. Although never had an issue with data being wasted,

    Chris Brown

    which do you prefer virgin mobile or verizon

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Verizon doesn’t exist in Australia.

    Tinker Bell

    Chris, stop beating women you twot!


    Which sounds great, but having once received a $1600 bill for going over data by 800MB (turns out the online statistics from Virgin are “up to 48 hours out of date”; useless when depending on mobile data and tethering for everything when travelling for a couple of days) I was rather surprised at one other telco having an approach of simply tacking on an extra $10 for another 1000MB, when you go over quota. Virgin also charge $10/1000MB for extra data, but you have to add it in advance, and then cancel it the following month if it’s just a… Read more »

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Overall Virgin still have the betters deals though. I’m with Optus and I want to switch back.


    Why can’t you switch back to Virgin Mobile, Sean?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Locked into a contract. The fee to get out is incredibly expensive because I have to pay a “contract break” fee. Which I personally think is incredibly ridiculous.


    That aspect of contracts is one reason why I have stayed on pre-paid.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Yeah I plan on going sim only after this.