Drive Update
On February 10th, which was Safer Internet Day, Google invited users to check their security settings on their Google account. For those who completed the check, Google promised an additional 2GB of Google Drive space, and that additional space is now being added, with users receiving an email notifying users that the space has been added.

The email began arriving this afternoon, so best checking your inbox to see if you’ve received the email, which looks a little like this:
Drive Email

You can alternatively go to your Google Drive storage quota page and check your space, which should list 2GB from Google Support. It’s not much, but it’s 2GB of free storage and that’s nothing to sneeze at if you’re down to the wire.

Thanks: +Onel Benjamin.
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Yay, got mine!


Hope the Photos separation from Google+ goes ahead, may well switch over completely from Dropbox if it does. Love keeping my old snaps backed up online, but cannot stand Google+…


No email but I do see the extra 2GB in Drive 🙂


Standalone Google Drive Windows .MSI installer, dated 4 March 2015.
This works fine in Win7 and 8 32 bit. No idea if it works in 64bit
Link in my reply to this post
The link is easy to update, as long as you can get the current version number


Up to 27GB now. 13GB in use. At this rate I’ll keep getting free space as quickly as I can use it 🙂