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Woolworths has today announced that they are re-entering the MVNO market with Telstra as their network provider. Woolworths are aiming to launch their new service ‘Woolworths Connect’ on Monday the 15th of June.

As We reported a couple of weeks ago, Woolworths re-launch of their Mobile Pre-Paid service will utilise Telstra’s 3G Network. The initial offering will come with two tiers of service, with discounts being offered for Woolworths Everyday rewards customers who take them up on the plan.

The launch comes after the company originally shutdown their partnership with Optus back in October of 2013, leaving some customers in the figurative lurch. The company has stated in its press release that the two pre-paid mobile options are designed with value, simplicity and convenience in mind. The service will use parts of Telstra’s 3G network, though whether or not this includes the NextG 3G 850MHz spectrum as well is unclear.

The plans, which do seem to offer some good deals, are probably a little bit higher than what other telco’s are currently offering, but its a good start and return for the fresh food people into the mobile phone marketplace.

So here is a low down on the new pre-paid plan offerings:

Plan Cost Everyday Rewards
Card Member discount
Included Calls & Text Data Expiry
$30 $27 for Woolworths Everyday Rewards customers – available in store only $650 standard national call value
Unlimited SMS
Unlimited calls for Woolworths Connect to Woolworths Connect mobiles within Australia
90c/min call rate
1.5GB+Bonus 1GB (until 31 July 2015 on first recharge) 30 days
$45 $40.50 for Woolworths Everyday Rewards customers – available in store only $1,500 call value
Unlimited standard national SMS
Unlimited calls for,Woolworths Connect to Woolworths Connect mobiles within Australia
90c/min call rate

Woolworths Head of Telco, Jason Hair, said,

Our customers want a trusted network at a great price and we are excited to deliver this with Woolworths Connect. We’ll also reward our valued Everyday Rewards customers by offering an additional discount every time they recharge. We are excited that we’ll be growing Woolworths Connect over the coming months, with additional services to be offered later in the year.

Woolworths will be offering their Woolworths Connect SIMs at a majority of the companies retail locations, with their Connect $2 sim packs and recharge vouchers available from the 15 June at participating Woolworths, BIG W, Woolworths Caltex Petrol sites. Though SIM cards won’t be available, users will also be able to purchase recharge vouchers from liquor retailer, BWS.

There is a dedicated website which only has the following message on it ‘We are not quite open for business yet. From Monday 15th June you will be able to activate your sim and recharge here. We look forward to connecting you shortly.’ You can find out more about Woolworths Connect plans both in store and online from next Monday, 15th June 2015.

We are also hoping to have an interview with Woolworths Head of Telco, Jason Hair about the new Woolies telco and the plans for the business going forward, so keep an eye out for that interview here at Ausdroid!

Would you be changing to Woolworths Connect? What do you think of the new plans? Let us know in the comments below

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Phill Edwards

As others have said, it’s not very competitive. I get a much better deal on Vodafone Red SIM. “Unlimited calls for Woolworths Connect to Woolworths Connect”? Whoop-dee-doo…


Yeah not looking that great…. Better off going with Boost $40 plan. You get

Unlimited calls/SMS



all for $40, no need to shop at wollies.

Caleb Johns



90c p/min? really? lol I can see Medion and Aldi shakin in their boots. . . NOT
Heck thats more than I paid sloptus p/min and more than approx 7 times what I pay Aldi Mobile. No 365 day plan either for the ultra light users like my elderly parents, guess they’ll stay with Aldi mobile too.

I can see this flopping too, just like it did with optus, seriously Woolies, if you want to compete, you have to be competitive, and this reads like a Telstra retail overprice list


“though whether or not this includes the NextG 3G 850MHz spectrum as well is unclear.”

How could it not include 850MHz?! That’s what Telstra’s 3G network operates on (with 2100MHz in areas that require it).

Daniel Tyson

The reason that clarification is in there is that Telstra has previously sold access to 3G sans 850MHz, we are attempting to clarify and will update. Its highly unlikely that they arent including it, however until its confirmed its still not clear.


2100MHz doesn’t cover all metro areas, so I think it’s a given that 850MHz will be used, particularly when Aldi, Telechoice, Cmobile, etc, have access to it.

Which provider previously resold Telstra mobile without 3G 850MHz?

vijay alapati

Lyca mobile i think


I think people are confusing this issue. Some previous providers have sold the 850mhz without the full HSDPA+ dual channel data speed so data is a lot slower but they still operate on the 850mhz frequency. The only other thing that may be excluded are a small number of telstra towers such as those ones servicing mines etc. Aldi has these limitations at least they did when they first launched.

not to mention the other frequencies are being changed into 4g now