The last few weeks have shown how critical connectivity is for business as well as individuals. Telstra has recognised this need with a surge in mobile broadband use and sign-ups. As a result they have updated their mobile broadband plans to meet that need. This update is added to the measures already implemented by the carrier.

Supporting this shift, we have taken the decision to give a data boost to our new and existing customers to help you settle into that new normal.

The plan changes made are as follows:

  • $25/month Small data plan increases from 10GB to 20GB
  • $50/month Medium data plan increases from 50GB to 60GB
  • $75/month Large data plan increases from 100GB to 200GB

The plans also come with a no-excess data cost but a speed reduction to 1.5Mbps which — while functional — isn’t ideal, but prevents bill shock. It’s a welcome step for Telstra to offer extra data to their mobile broadband users, is it enough to entice more new users?

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That $75 for 200Gb mobile data is tempting, for use for me here at home.
I have to be overly cautious about how much I download every day, using my Samsung tablet as a WiFi hotspot with its plan only having 60Gb a month.

Trevor Farrell

Telstra has announced that they are blocking incoming voice calls to data sims, and that they will not allow a voice sim to be used in a tablet. That makes them a no-go for me.


Do you know if that is the same with their little brother Belong? I was going to use a voice SIM in a spare tablet.


I use a Telstra mobile SIM for voice and data, in my Samsung tablet. I made sure that Telstra knew that the tablet does voice calls, and that both the SIM and postpaid plan I’m on, has to support voice and data, when I was moving to my current plan, back in January.


Where is your evidence that Telstra have announced these restrictions?

Abu Mijweh

Optus has 500GB for $68. Cancellation fee is only the included modem cost. Just saying…


if i am on a major budget, I could get their $15 5GB plan in a wireless hotspot and put up with the slowed down 1.5mbps unlimited. This would be a pain but its enough for 1 sd stream and light web browsing. Has anyone else done this?


I have a $15 hotspot for car and often see greater than the restricted speeds on my head unit when downloading albums and podcasts. You could def make it work.