Motorola have announced this morning they will be releasing both the Motorola DEXT & Motorola Backflip.

Both of these phones run Motorola’s signature UI “Moto BLUR” & they will be carried by Optus (Available: April 7th). Optus have also renamed them MotoBlur DEXT & MotoBlur Backflip, so we could possibly see more Moto BLUR devices in the feature.

The Devices are available on ‘yes’ Social plans starting at $49/mo for the DEXT & $59/mo for the Backflip.

Both will run Android 1.5 (CupCake) with 2.1 update in the future.

MotoBlur DEXT

MotoBlur Backflip

MotoBlur Backflip

[Via: Optus]

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It’s out and all. But where did you find out they’ll upgrade to 2.1 Eclair?
The same phone with a different antenna (CDMA), the Cliq, was the first and in US and was promised an upgrade on June 30. The deadline has passed and there’s no word from Moto, so how likely is it that 2.1 will roll out on the Dext here (or anywhere, we can root ’em to share the update)?


My question is where is the Milestone, from my point of view the best Android phone that Motorola have which has good numbers with sales of the Droid in the US and the sale number in the EU.


Problem is.. Im not sure i like either of these phones that much.

Tia Porter

Yeah, these look like they plan to rival the HipTop. Terrible phones, those HipTops.

To be brutally honest, the backflip looks like a very stupid design.