Telstra had 10 Desire’s on hand at the Launch to give Journalists a feel of what the device is capable of.

It appeared to have very positive reviews with comments such as “very, very close to having the perfect interface” & “number 1 alternative to the iPhone”.

In addition to this Telstra also once again confirmed their Apps to be available on the Android Market

For us, it means it is also an opportunity to launch our first Android apps, Mobile FOXTEL and Whereis Navigator – with White Pages and Yellow Pages coming.

Here’s hoping Android really starts to take off here in Aus!

[Via: Telstra Exchange]

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More Info here Availability and Pricing HTC Desire will be available for $0 on Telstra’s $60 consumer Phone Plan for 24 months (minimum total price $1440), or can be purchased outright with a RRP of $779. Customers can also take the handset on a mobile repayment option (MRO) with an eligible plan and pay off the $779 over 12 or 24 months. It is available from Telstra stores and dealers from the 27 April. Telstra Business customers can also purchase HTC Desire. It will be available on the $65 plan for 24 months (minimum total price $1560) which includes… Read more »


Yep, was aware of that page. Was a direct copy paste from the Telstra site but it is always nice to provide the source to make it more than just whirlpool speculation. You will also not the release date that is specified from Telstra which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere on this site…although I haven’t looked that hard. I do appreciate the information been collated all in one are so I don’t have to trawl through hundreds of Whirlpool posts.