After contacting Vodafone today, they have shed some more light on the Nexus One rumours.

The email received from one of our readers, reads:

Our agreement with Google to stock the Nexus phone covers all geographies. The offer will initially be introduced in Europe starting with the UK. Further countries will be introduced during 2010. We do not have exact time frames of when these will be available in Australia at this stage.

Although still on shaky ground, we now have confirmation the Vodafone AU can bring Nexus One to Australia. We now just have to wait to see if they will release it, which when it does happen, should be around June in accordance with our other post.

Screenshot proof after the break

Cheers Brent!

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Just went onto the vodafone site and the Magic is now listed as out of stock, i think this suggests an imminent replacement… ie the legend!

Marné Prinsloo

Btw, check out GSMArena page today and you’ll see that Samsung Galaxy S will be coming to Vodafone UK. Lets hope they make it to Aus as well. B-)


apparently its meant to be coming to AUS in late June


Did they give you a exact date for the Galaxy S?


Yeah with the new caps that telstra have introduced the htc desire on telstra is looking very appealing.
I’m so spiteful of three. Vodafone have suggested that the nexus one will not be sold on the Three range which means we have no clue what Three has coming.


You would think that VHA would be in a hurry to get some decent Android phones in before the new iPhone arrives.
Their current range is pretty lame…..except for the Xperia 10


funny thing is they don’t sell it yet because apparently due to “stock issues”. Love to see the N1 on Vodafone in the next couple of months or i will be jumping for the new Next G caps on Telstra and i will get the Desire