According to a recent post by TechCrunch, Android Froyo (2.2) will have WiFi Tethering included as a part of the actual OS instead of being an usually “hacked” extra.

The Tether allows you to set an SSID (Network name) as well as secure the network with WEP or WPA.

It will certainly be a very welcome addition to the already feature bursting release!

Android Froyo is expected to be launched during Google I/O — May 19-20

[Via: TechCrunch]


    1. This will be amazing, hopefully our carriers stay as is and don’t charge ridiculously for tethering as they do in the USA. For example the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint charge 29USD for the wifi tethering option. This doesn’t get you any extra data, just the privillage of using the features included with that expensive phone you bought.