Own a Telstra branded HTC Desire? Want Android 2.2? Well, it looks like we’re in for a bit of a wait (but no too long).

HTC have just contacted me, to inform me that they are currently testing Android 2.2 on the Telstra Desire, and that no release has been set in concrete. Although, it looks as if we might get the update to 2.2 a bit after Generic Desire’s in the UK get it.

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Meh……sure it sucks but what can you do….I’m so tempted to root but I will wait and see what Telstra dish out and when before I’ve made up my mind.


No wonder why Telstra has been losing their customer base steadily over the years. I emailed HTC to find out when 2.2 would be released here, their response was the usual, very soon. My HTC is starting to run slower with all the apps installed.


Telstra is the only thing wrong with my desire. Crapware is an understatement.


Hearin’ ya! But once you realise that all that crapware doesn’t really take up much space and leads basically nowhere (metaphor for Telstra Corp??), it’s not so bad.

By the time they finally release FroYo, we’ll be due for Gingerbread…should we give that another 6 months??


Well, its end of August, and we’re still waiting! All I want is the ability for voice dialing (like on my old Sony Ericsson) promised in 2.2, and then the Desire will be perfect! Any more news??


i hope samsung spica can upgread to froyo


And yes flashing a generic Rom voids Telstra warranty, and requires a gold card, just Google goldcard tool makes it much easier


Highly unlikely that it will be soon after the generic roms as Telstra is currently 4 revisions behind on 2. 1, hence why I flashed mine with a generic Rom, also to remove the crappy bloatware Telstra includes in their Rom


I’m a bit of a noob here, but does the wwe 2.2 void warranty if you bought a Telstra desire? Is there a chance it will brick?


People should just install the HTC Desire euro update when it is released 😉 It’s what I’ll be doing when I pick up my Desire on Monday

All you need to do is download the WWE desire 2.2 rom and flash that and instant 2.2 goodness 😀

It will debrand your device, eg remove all the Telstra stuff you can’t get rid of however, but if you need that just flash the Telstra 2.2 Desire update when it comes out



I get my Desire sometime next week too… so i will be askin you some questions about the flashing to get rid of the Telstra crap and update to 2.2

Look forward to much bugging from me 🙂


i have got the wwe 2.2 on my desire from telstra and one disappointing thing is that the gps still cant get a lock on my desire, but otherwise its pretty good, no more telstra crapware.


Thanks for the update. At least we know HTC is at least thinking about it soon! Although if it’s too long I’ll just flash mine with the generic rom.


Awesome, thanks Buzz.


Any word on Legend updates to 2.2?