Nexus One owners rejoice! No need to feel left behind with your new Nexus One from Vodafone, as they will be updating you to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in the near future. Updates on Voda make take a little longer as they need to test all their wonderful apps and all that great stuff.

Source: @Vodafone_AU.
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Vodafone don’t do themselves nor their customers any favours by being so whack.


Upgraded mine 2 weeks ago. Works a treat, sync with Exchange calendars. Yippee. You only have to go to step 3 and then I got the OTA update. One thing extra you need to do is download LocaleSwitch from the Market and change it is Aus, then your browser search etc will have the correct locale.


Push out some accessories while your at it guys, can’t believe they are selling a phone and not providing accessories for


Can voda control updates on N1? I thought the greatest benefit of getting N1 is it can get updates automatically.. Did I make a wrong choice ? I m getting the phone on Monday.


Great, just push it out ffs