As we reported not all that long ago, Telstra is having troubles retaining the HTC Desire due to lack of AMOLED Displays that go into it. But that could all change, and quite quickly. You see, Samsung can only make so many AMOLED Displays at one time, and of course they want to reserve enough for their own devices and what not, as well as sell off the rest for profit.

But when this shortage starts affecting other companies, those companies need to search for alternatives and that is exactly what HTC have done by fitting out new Desire’s with Super LCD Displays from Sony. The first of those being the new HTC Desire‘s headed to TELUS Mobility in Canada. What is annoying is that we haven’t yet seen the difference between the Super LCD & AMOLED on the Desire, only heard from Sony & HTC that it will be very similar, with better sunlight legibility.

  • Technology HSPA 850/1900
  • Screen 3.7″, HVGA 800×480 Sony Super LCD

Now, TELUS use 850MHz HSPA, the very same frequency utilised by Telstra’s ‘NextG’ network. So it’s not all that hard to chuck in 2100MHz HSPA and it’ll be good to go on Telstra’s network, solving any shortage issues on the way.

It doesn’t just stop there. The Nexus One sold via Vodafone also uses the exact same AMOLED Display as the Desire, and there have been rumours that Super LCD will also replace the Nexus’s AMOLED Display. To add to that, HTC may just drop AMOLED from its devices all together, opting to use Super LCD instead. It’s a reasonable idea considering their current flagship device for multiple countries, the Desire, is being held back by Samsung’s restraints.

So my question to you guys is: Does this change bother you? And are you a fan of AMOLED?

Source: TELUS Mobility.
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At the risk of upsetting some people, I have to say that when I saw the Desire and the Legend for the first time, I felt they looked a little trashy. What I mean is that the rich, overly saturated colour was too much, too attention seeking.
I would actually welcome a ‘cooler’ and more subdued screen; dare I say it, a little more adult.
However,I’d be far happier to leard that HTC has developed an after-market cell that ran the phone for a week…


Is AMOLED better than Super LCD overall in terms of image quality?

Marné Prinsloo

could it be having higher crispness compared to AMOLEDs like we discussed before? hmmm… interesting…


How would the battery life be affected by these new screens? Better or worse?


Depends… With an all white background, AMOLED uses 300+% the battery power of a normal LCD… With all black, it uses 40%.So what do you view more, dark or light pages? Given the amount of browsing done by the average user, and the amount of text read on white background, I’d say LCD gives a better battery life, but no guarantees.


I suspect Super LCD will be a bit less vibrant but better visibility in sunlight. TBH that’s a tradeoff I’d be happy to make, given the choice.


I doubt there will be any issues if it’s as similar as they say it is and prices stay the same.