From today onwards the HTC Wildfire will be available on Telstra Prepaid for $349 (supposedly). The Wildfire will be network locked, but can be unlocked by recharging $80 + unlocking fee. Tell us how you go ๐Ÿ™‚

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Re: Techoni – they’re looking pretty dodgy at the moment. Told me they do have stock but not for me (wtf?), can only assume they don’t actually have stock. Tried to cancel the unprocessed order but their reprasentative literally begged me to not cancel the order, then pointed out that I’d have to pay a cancellation fee to cancel within 5 days of placing the order – so they’ve got 5 days to right this wrong.
Gee, Google’s online mobile phone store was such a better experience than TLife and Techoni!


Got my new toy today ๐Ÿ˜€ So Techoni aren’t so bad, you’ve just got to threaten to cancel order if they don’t deliver within 5 days lol. The phone isn’t bad at all, don’t know why people complain so much about the screen – its decent enough. Oh and Techoni didn’t mention at all that this phone is in fact Telstra branded, so yeah I have Telstra crApps on it, including Sensis Search (egad). Between HTC and Telstra, they sure like to hog the Home screens with their own widgets, think they leave only a couple 4×2 for your own… Read more ยป


Just went to have a look at the Wildfire from JB HiFi.
$480 outright.
The screen is absolutely terrible, I had to put it down as I could not stand to look at it, highly pixelated fuzzy screen, I wonder if the working display unit was faulty or something


Was passing by the same TLife store after work this arvo, popped in to ask “Now, are you sure you don’t have HTC Wildfire on prepaid”…short answer: they got it in at around 3:30pm. So I proudly, loudly told them and the surrounding potential customers I’ve bought it cheaper from somewhere else ๐Ÿ˜›

So I guess the hefty prices you pay with Telstra aren’t going towards hiring intelligent staff at TLife stores and/or customer service!

Aaaanyways, re: 2100/850/900…

Asia Pacific:

* HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
* GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

It’s both!


Given Telstra push the Wildfire as a ‘Next G’ phone, I guess (hope!) HTC’s list (that I posted above) is a little inaccurate! Or am I missing something?


Bye bye Telstra! I just ordered an unlocked HTC Wildfire for $399 from Techoni

I’ll get SenseUI without the Telstra bloatware crap, w00t!


It is not listed on the Telstra website either under prepaid phones so they may well have delayed it for some reason.


I went to the Tea Tree Plaza T Life store and they said they did have at least one for $349 so it must be out then I guess. It is still not showing on the internet or in any other retailer but I guess now that it exists as prepaid they will get stock and will go up soon.


Just went into TLife Melbourne CBD where the clueless staff checked some website then told me “officially” to be launched on the 13th. I don’t believe them!


Maybe it’s one of those independent T-Life stores who like to rort customers.