Our Apanda A60 review unit has just arrived and we’re going to be spending the week putting it through its paces. But we’d also love to hear all your questions so we can get around to answering them for you. Feel free to leave a comment or question Twitter. Another pic after the break.

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    Sam K

    I am very interested in a budget Android phone atm so looking forward to the review. I would like to see how long it will play MP3s before going flat.

    I listen to podcasts all day at work and need a phone that can do 10+ hours of music listening without going dead. (yes I work long days)


    Man, that’s fugly. Especially the back.


    looking forward to hearing about the battery life and overall quality. maybe a commentary about how it compares to similar priced phones like the wildfire or aria?


    can you try and play some graphic intensive games on it.