Confirmation of a Galaxy Tab came tonight from Samsung’s Christmas press launch says Gizmodo. Samsung says that the Tab will be available through Telstra, Optus, Vodafone & Three on contract, but also available for outright purchase at $999 a pop. No plans have been released yet, but are expected to be announced closer to November when the Galaxy Tab will hit stores.

The $999 price tag makes it more than a 32GB 3G iPad which sits at $928.

Gizmodo go on to say that the Galaxy Tab was a little sluggish and that the lighting of the navigation buttons was annoying as it would turn off quite quickly.

Source: Gizmodo.
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This is what I’ve been looking for!!!!!


I’m not going to buy an iPad, but I’m certainly not going to buy something that is more expensive.

The base 3G iPad is AU$799.00 with a larger screen. There is no reasonable explanation for Samsung’s tablet to cost more than that, but perhaps other people above are correct and it will just be the early-adopter scam price.

Get the price down to AU$700 and we’ll have something worth discussing.


I seem to be the only one bothered by the 7″ screen size, what do you guys think of a 7″ screen as opposed to 10″ ?
I plan on using it for vids & net mainly.
I’ve owned a few netbooks and my preference was the 10″ ones (they still all sucked at playing videos)
My HTC Desire plays videos like a champ but the screen is a bit small.


If you are asking how a Galaxy Tab’s 7″ screen compares to an iPad’s 9.7″ screen, then the comparison is not as straightforward with regard to watching movies. Because, iPad has a 4:3 screen where as Galaxy has a 16:9 (TV / home movie aspect ratio) screen. With a bit of math you can see that iPad’s screen has same horizontal length in landscape mode as an 8.8″ 16:9 LCD screen. So the difference is somewhat less than you might think. I have used a 7″ portable DVD player before, leaving aside the screen quality (which is far worse than… Read more ยป


Introductory prices are high anyways, but I have a feeling that it will drop to $700 range in couple of months. However, with iProducts it is different, they don’t drop unless an upgrade is announced, so I’m pretty sure Galaxy Tab will give iPad a run for its money after it’s release. Then there are contract plans, which should be cheaper, since it also has phone capabilities some people (who use their phones very rarely) might even opt to replace their phones with this, giving it even more value for money. If I’m not mistaken, even Galaxy S retailed around… Read more ยป




iPad is nothing compared to this…

It’s pricey, but so is an iPhone and everyone seems to buy them…the conditioned minds!

Galaxy tab pros: it has phone capabilities and video calling, it runs Android, it doesn’t have a leash on it (aka Apple and iTunes), has an SD slot, normal size SIM card, lighter and more compact, Bluetooth 3.0, it has flash player, widescreen display…

iPad pros: larger screen…..more internal storage…..and i’m out…

Galaxy tab DESTROYS iPad…no question


The screen is too small, the price is a joke and now that the ipad has VLC .. I hate to say it but it’s an aple ipad for me this Xmas
Unless of course Viewsonic is more reasonable and has a 10″ tablet on the market by Xmas


I wouldn’t buy an iPhad based on vlc. Read this article through before you do


Thanks TechHead, I’ll check it out.

Installed VLC on my Boss’s ipad, I’ll see how it plays my content first hand


Yeah I’m in luck it plays DivX and Xvid no problem


Only tech obsessed fools would rush in & pay that initial RRP price.
A month after release the the real market price will prevail.
With carrier subsidies it probably be half that e.g. Samsung Galaxy S RRP in the region of $850.00 however on an Otus plan the handset will cost you only $560.00.
Expect the same for the Tab.
I agree the Tab is much more attractive to the artificially crippled & artificially supply restricted iPad.


It’s priced out of the market. The issue being that it’s a Samsung, not an Apple, so it doesn’t have the cache to charge a premium. It has a 7″ screen that’s LCD, so nothing to distinguish it from the larger iPad screen. And it’s a customised version of Android, which isn’t designed for tablet use – and therefore neither are the apps, and it doesn’t have the functionality of the iPad (and given that I’m still waiting for 2.2 on my Galaxy I would hold no hope for an update…)


Bit to expensive me thinks. It does have 2 cameras, an SD slot and is half the weight of the Ipad and 2 sim slots which is better than the locked down Ipad.


really, where did you read it was dual SIM? that would be awesome


Samsung have missed the mark here. Priced themselves out of the market….what is their catch cry for why you would buy a Galaxy over an iPad?


While I agree with you, a lot of people are stupid and hate everything Apple.


Opps fixed that typo for you:
While I agree with you, a lot of people are intelligent and hate everything Apple.


I think they have just pushed everyone onto taking it on contract with carriers by announcing it at that price. This will ensure they sell more still with a decent margin because the carriers have more points of purchase and more exposure. It guarantees Samsung a place in the market when done that why. They dont have Apple’s consumer pull with products


$999!! They can’t be serious….


I’m interested. waiting to see what plan they’ll be on with Helstra



So true!


good thing the company is paying ๐Ÿ™‚


HAHAHAHA, NO. Not with the competition out there.


For that price I would rather buy an ipad…



No thanks! they can just go shove it I’m not paying $999 for that thing when there are alternatives around


Woohoo!!! I have the money right here so I’m goi-ERRR NOOOOOO

I won’t get an iPad (just yet), instead will go buy 3 monitors for my computer. Oh and they won’t be Samsung panels :p


Massive pass from me, that’s a lot of beer!


999? GTFO.


Ridiculously expensive.

Max Rockatanksy

is anyone going to buy this..? ..