Yesterday Sony Ericsson Spain said that they were going to push the Android 2.1 update for the X10 Series back to late October, and then Sony Ericsson UK said they would have it out late September. Now comes Sony Ericsson Australia to confirm that the X10 Series will receive Android 2.1 from late October, onwards. In other words: We’re running late and don’t know when we can get it out to you. Android 2.1 better be good SE, or you’re going to lose a large, large number of customers.

Source: Sony Ericsson Australia - Facebook.
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i really frustrated after buying this SE X10… this phone is neither have multitouch or further updates ……i never gonna buy sony anymore i will sell this crap and buy i phone 4


I’m a fan of SE since K800i, but this particular android baby is a complete failure. Many (unless they still broke after buying this s**tty phone) have turn to alternatives such as Galaxy S or iPhone 4 for similar reason 1) Delayed update was delayed: SE failed to deliver their promise after delaying a delayed update. How on earth they going to cope with next generation of Android? 2) Loose contact point: The USB port starts to loose contact and fail to charge properly. This issue has affect many X10 users where half of them cant be bothered to get… Read more »


HTC and others are fast because their HW platform is similar to Google reference design. Sony has a history of doing their own thing, so they have to write lots of crap from scratch and has to comply with Google’s tests for apps to work. I can image the troubles they had to make their own HW “work like Google”. Some like to make you think it’s for reliability test but I can tell you, there’s no such thing as “doing it properly” when engineers misses a deadline. It’s just lack of planning from the begining. There won’t be a… Read more »


HTC might have their act together as far as ‘rolling out the upgrades’ but they also have a lot of problems because they push the upgrades so quickly, they haven’t really had time to quality check.
I think it’s a good thing SE holds onto the upgrade until they know it’s good.


A year to test softwear is a bit much don’t you think.


too little too late. I’m moving on to HTC. They have their sh*t together