HTC Aria fans, your time has come. The device has recently hit Optus’s online store, and will no doubt reach retailers in the next week or so. Plans start at $19/mo (+$11/mo) working up to $29/mo (+$7/mo) then to the overpriced $49/mo with no mobile repayments. The $49 includes 1GB data, $450 cap credit, 2 months free access as well as free Facebook, MySpace, Foursquare, LinkedIn & eBay access. I’d certainly recommend this device to people who wanted something like the Wildfire, but with better specs. 3.2″ HVGA Display & 600MHz for the same price as the Wildfire seems like a win to me.

Source: Optus.
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The Samsung Galaxy S is available for the same price. Why would you get this?


you would like a smaller phone? A 4-inch screen ain’t for everybody…
and Samsung’s customised UI is definitely inferior.


*Insert my usual comment about really wanting the Aria but not at the ridiculous $49 cap, oh, and bitching about why it isn’t on Virgin yet.*


I will be getting one of these as soon as Virgin start selling them, which fingers crossed should be soon.


yeah I just saw this little thing in Telechoice today, not half bad, decent size and everything, smooth to play with also, although not much a fan of the whole handset being glossy plastic, kinda cheap feel to it, still it’s HTC, I don’t doubt for a second it’s great quality build


id say more Legend VS Aria as they share specs