Yay for last-minute device testing! Both the Desire Z and Desire HD have both failed Google TA (Type Approval) testing at the last-minute causing HTC to delay the devices hitting the market. There are reports of these delays affecting Europe, although no news just yet as to whether this will also hit Asia-Pacific stock also. Here’s hoping Vodafone + Three won’t have to delay the Desire HD launch to late November.

Source: Android Police.
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Hmmm, HTC are claiming that there are no delays according to this article:

Basically they are saying that they never announced a date, all they said that the phones will be out in October.


I’ve been informed by Mobicity that my desire HD order has been affected by the google testing failure. They tell me the shipping date is now pushed back to late October.


Clove has this part of their listing for the Desire HD:
” Please note
First stock expected week ending 22/10″

That’s a Friday. So I assume that is the “week ending”.
Whether I am part of the first stock, is the other issue.


Oh man, if this doesn’t get released soon i’m gonna pop.

mo buksh

What is the deal with these creepy avatars – and how does one change them!

mo buksh

I suppose we should be expecting an early november release period considering this hiccup.

Oh well, another month of waiting. Hopefully another device doesn’t get announced between now and then LOL! I really have to give up the “waiting for that great new rumoured phone” game one of these days hehehehehe


Aww man….I so wanna get ma hands on d Desire Z!!!

Mind you, I appreciate Google putting the phone through a rigorous quality control programme. It should be worth the wait.


I too looking forward to a Desire Z. Just about to order it.

What I want to know is what they test in the TA testing and is it just a minor or major fix needed to pass?


it’s like all phone leave off something just to mess with us! as you said, no front facing camera on the HD, no camera flash on the Galaxy S etc!


front facing is a given I guess, just depends on if you actively use it, mainly for video calls, alas I do not, so the SGS could’ve been better for me with an LED flash instead of a front facing camera…. can’t have everything I guess!


I wonder if its anything to do with the non-rooting chip that has just been uncovered in the American version of the Desire Z. Didn’t think HTC would stoop to Motorola’s level.


I dunno man Gizmodo are generally pretty reliable, whats your source?? This is from Gizmodo.. If you were hoping to make any modifications to your T-Mobile G2, my apologies. Because the phone apparently ships with a rootkit that will override any changes you make to Android and reinstall the original firmware. That ain’t right. According to the New America Foundation, “one of the microchips embedded into the G2 prevents device owners from making permanent changes that allow custom modifications to the the Android operating system.” The full 40-page blow-by-blow of the Dev Forum’s thwarted attempts can be found here. Between… Read more »


If they locked it down it is so that no one can take off the HTCSense.com security feature that allows you to disable the phone or track it if someone steals it.

Good chance you might get it back then as no one can wipe it and make it theirs with a stock standard build.


Yes, they said it shouldnt take long for devs to get around this minor flaw.


PseudoEdge the G2 does not run sense, its stock Android


thats a shame 🙁