If you trust Telstra and their announcement that Froyo would hit the HTC Desire within four weeks, you’ll be happy to know that the “four weeks” ends this Friday the 15th. Even if it doesn’t hit this between now and this Friday, we can only hope that it won’t be too far off, or Telstra will make another fantastic announcement to tell us Froyo has melted and will take a little longer to get ready.

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Unless telstra employees work past 5pm, the answer is “no Froyo update – Telstra is a usless bully”.


Within 4 days as of friday the 15th. So 4 weeks then 4 days maybe 4hours after this 4days then maybe 4 minutes after the 4 hours then maybe 4seconds. Then we will get it.

james (bunnbash)

Telstra know that because they have the best network, they can do whatever the hell they want… it’s like the rich kid in high school who throws the best parties, but is a bit of a richard cranium… no one wants to hang out with him/her, but do anyways cause there are a few benefits along the way… but if richard cranium is not careful they find themselves all alone before long…


Yep James is right. I’m only on Telstra because I can’t get Optus reception where I live (and 3 are terrible. I won’t even broach Vodafone *shivers*). But if I had a choice, I _SO_ wouldn’t be on Tel$tra. Having said that, I <3 my Desire and no one else has it either :/ – well not yet anyway.


It’s not that Telstra despises us, they would actually have to have some ‘feelings and emotion’ toward their customers for that. As we all know this not the case, once they determine there is little money to be squeezed from us, we’re cut loose.


Telstra *KNOW* if it is this week…or next week..or in 2011…but they still INSIST on treating its thousands of customers like mushrooms…ie keep them in the dark (and if we are lucky, get fed some bulls&^*)
Just SO disappointing Telstra…
Why not have a press release or something? Include it on their adverstising as you wait for hours on their 13 numbers rather than the other crap.
Why do they DESPISE their customers so much.


I can say that there is NO WAY that it will be released this week, the reason is that if it did then it would mean that Telstra kept a promise, and we all know that Telstra keeping a promise or doing what they say they are going to do is akin to leprechauns and unicorns and fairies having a rave party over at Buzz’s place every Tuesday night…




You must have a better source than I. Twice in the last month I rang Telstra Mobile “assistance” and both times the person I spoke to had never heard of “Froyo” or for that matter Android”. Both came back with the reply (after “consulting their supervisor”) the update had nothing to do with Telstra and was the responsibility of HTC. Subsequent emails and one phone call to HTC convinced me that a request from an Australian was impossible for them to understand and therefore put into the “too hard basket”. I’ll believe the update is coming when it is installed… Read more ยป


Thanks Mate, I’ll have a look at it.


I had a bit of success with HTC support about two weeks ago, only to the point that they said there wasn’t a release date for Froyo yet, and that if I rooted my phone it would void the warranty.


Yeah, I didn’t even get that. But I don’t really want to “root” -I think we should have a different term for it in Oz :)! I consider myself reasonably tech-savy, but there is something about being in your 50’s and the fear of stuffing up lol.


I can’t wait ๐Ÿ˜€

I tried to root my phone a few months back, but I ran into problems when my computer wouldn’t see my phone. So I gave up. Now I can finally get 2.2 on there.


LMAO @ “froyo has melted”. Classic line Buzz, wish I had thought of it!

David Lindsay

before the 20th would be nice. im off to thailand then and chances are i’ll be away when it gets released knowing my luck