So if anyone here still owns an X10 Series device (Xperia X10, X10 Mini or X10 Mini Pro), you’ll be sort of happy to know Android 2.1 is coming in the next week or so, but knowing SE that date will be knocked back, as they said it isn’t ‘confirmed’. Xperia X10 owners have 720p video recording and continuous autofocus to look forward to and X10 Mini/Mini Pro owners have.. well.. faster phones with more features to look forward to. We’ll be sure to keep you informed when the date is knocked back 😉

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Xperia x10 on three here…Three wont update you in this lifetime, u gotta do it urself. Just google unbranding and follow steps.I unbranded and upgraded build with massive improvments in battey life.

Di L

Can Anybody tell me if there was ever a Firmware Update for the X10a for Three. Any Three X10a users out there just respond to this post.


Havent heard anything,but this whole merger thingy with Vodaphone isnt instilling any real confidence that one will be done at the time the SE version comes out.


that’s a bit harsh. what would you rather a half baked job or a Sony Ericsson job that’s done right? one thing we all know is that when Sony Ericsson do something they do it right.