Sure, there may be a work-around to get Google Maps Nav on your Aussie Android device already, but it’s absolutely awesome news to know that Google Australia will be officially launching Google Maps Navigation this Wednesday (17th November). I think all our hounding at Google has finally paid off 😉

Google Maps Nav is a free turn-by-turn navigation solution for your Android device, which brings together all the elements that Google Maps has to offer, such as continual up-to-date maps, satellite view & street view. There currently isn’t any caching of map tiles, so a constant 3G connection is needed. This will no doubt be a massive selling point for Android devices that Carriers will use from now on. Hit the source link below for more info.

Source: Google Maps Navigation.
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So when it comes to Jakarta…. huhuhuhu…. do not want to use wisepilot… to expensive 😛


Sigh… Still waiting, I need to root and tmod my wifes desire anyway, need to invest some time with it this weekend…


The first thing I did after reading this post was uninstall BRUT! It’ll be much better using the official build.

nazri mat07

Just updated Google Maps on my N1. Don’t know if it works as I’m still at work and no GPS signal. Will try on my way home tonight.


“Yes I have no doubt it can plot the route, but what happens when you loose your cellular connection?”

You realise you should have gone NextG, I suppose.


Yes I have no doubt it can plot the route, but what happens when you loose your cellular connection?


A google maps update has just appeared on the market. No navigation though? Still says not available in your location. Unless they are prepping it for another update tomorrow?


I’ve ordered the car dock for my nexus one this morning, great timing !


Excellent… now for Google Voice too…


While this is great, without caching it might not get much use unless carriers add it to un metered content, which telstra won’t because they charge for whereis navigation, which is good but is subscription based!
Not to mention depending where you are heading you may hit problems ie, how would it handle melbourne to sydney?

Ed Love

I use google maps often, and get nowhere near denting my 2GB data every month. I’ve used about 30MB this month, including downloading a few apps. Peanuts!

Philip Rhoades P

I accumulated 26M of map cache from from an empty cache from 500km of driving over the weekend. I will say I had satellite view on most of the time though. I’m sure if you are sensible and stick with street view you would use bugger all data but I love the eye candy.


Not caching maps is a huge downside to using this. I got nDrive with my phone and am sure glad it doesn’t use up any of my megre 3G download allowance to work as I’d go over after only a few trips of using Google Nav I’m sure 😛


Rockin, I used google nav (brut) all weekend on a trip out to Mudgee and surrounds.
On the other hand, if they won’t cache maps then we I may still stick with brut.

Gary W

Cool! Yet another reason to buy an Android phone…


Bout time.