We’ve just been informed that Telstra are expected to launch the Motorola Defy on the 30th of this month. The only pricing information we have at present is that it will be available on Telstra’s $49 cap.

The Motorola Defy is a ‘tough-phone’, because (almost) no matter what you throw at it, it will keep on working. This is a great smartphone addition to Telstra’s already existing range of ‘tough-phones’ like the Telstra Touch T90. Hit the break to see the Defy being fully submerged in water and coming out just as eager to take calls as when it went it.

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Before we knew the real impact this handset would have on the world.


FYI we have unlocked 900/2100 stock arriving next week.


Saw the preorder on your website, just a little warning to yourself and customers alike….

There seems to be a little confusing/misleading information in the specs of the phone.

Recommended networks state Telstra 2G & 3G; Next G Compatibility states, No; also Network Band mentions GSM 850 (2G), but no 850mhz band for 3G.

Might want to go check that and edit the specs 🙂


ahhhh, actually nevermind, take that back, just realised the 2100mhz 3G band added in there……. please disregard! 😀


i hate moto phones but this could be really handy. An Android phone that you can take boating… i like it!


It be better with a front facing camera and if the side didn’t look stupid. Otherwise it looks kinda cool. What android version is it?


2.1, with the latest version of motoblur. From the demo videos I’ve seen, this incarnation of motoblur looks pretty decent.


This phone has the potential to sell a lot of units… how many tradesmen would love to be able to organise their business via a smart phone, but also not be scared to actually use the phone while on the site… If marketed properly this phone should be a killer…

i have 3 friends who are just waiting to buy it… they love Android having seen a few Android phones that my friends and I have, but when they saw this phone in the pipeline they have waited for it…


Any idea if the phone will be available on Three or Vodafone?


One of the reps at three I spoke to said they will be hitting three stores asap.

"hit the break" ?

@buzz…. completely off topic – but what do you mean when you say (often) “hit the break” ?


Means click through to the article’s full page rather than the summary shown on the front page.