So it has come to our attention that Vodafone will be putting the soon-to-be-released Motorola Milestone 2 on their new infinite caps as well as their older standard caps, at the following rates.

  • $45 Infinite + $15
  • $65 Infinite + $5
  • $85 Infinite
  • $59/cap

Not too bad for a device that is meant to change the way we think about the original Milestone. We currently have no word on Optus pricing, though it can’t be all too different from that of the Vodafone pricing above. The Milestone 2 is expected to launch some time in December.

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Irritatingly, the Milestone 2 is listed as available (with little fanfare) for Optus Business but no news for the personal side of things.
Even though Optus’s twitter customer service has assured me twice that I would be notified of any news on the Milestone 2.


FYI Ausdroid your contacts page is broken. This phone is now available on the vodafone website! look under new phones.


Wait guys….fairly sure if your on Telstra you don’t get unlimited calls and texts for 45 bucks…what’s wrong with just paying a bit extra for the phone???


Are they promoting it yet over there in Australia? It just seems that any threads I go about this phone in any other forums are pretty quiet. It doesn’t seem to have the same hype as the Desire HD.


What was wrong with the milestone, mine still keeps up with my dads Galaxy S (milestone OC’d to 800mhz), its only shortfall seems to be the measly 256mb of ram. The locked bootloader isn’t an issues anymore either.



Vodafone are becoming the new telstra


yeh telstra are definitely getting better, but still have a loooong way to go.


Would love the Droid X in Australia…for me physical keyboards are meh
are they releasing a GSM version of it called Droid Pro Global or something like that?


thats verizon exclusive


Very good news. Unfortunately I’m still in love with my Nexus One 🙂