It was only a week ago that we first informed you of the Huawei IDEOS coming to Virgin, being sold through Dick Smith retailers, now Virgin have decided to drop the price $20, to $159, in order to match the price of the same device on Crazy John’s.

Dick Smith still list the IDEOS as being pre-order only with no ETA, though we’re hearing that around the start of December they’ll start shipping, just in time for Christmas.

Source: Dick Smith.
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Fred Waiti

I bought one locked to Virgin Mobile but would like to unlock it. Has any one got the unlock code?



Drop price from $20 to $159? ^_^
Is that a price hike or a price drop… dammit my Economics 101 lecturer taught me wrong!


Opps read wrong… -___-”
Need to learn to read carefully next time.
It’s drop the price ‘by’ $20… silly me!

Gary W

Great stuff! I’ll definitely buy one. Though I’m not that impressed with Virgin’s prepaid data plan…

Incidentally, I posted about this (price drop) on another thread, several times, and the site eventually said “duplicate comment”, but it never appeared 🙁

Gary W

Cool! Leave it in your capable hands 🙂

Gary W

Any idea when? Today I posted a comment in three different topics, from two different places, and several minor variations… none of them showed up. You sure know how to stifle engagement 🙂


My friend just bought it (on my recommendation) from DIck Smith’s yesterday.
I better not tell her…