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Huawei IDEOS – Review

Huawei IDEOS side profile

Huawei is a name that many consumers in the Australian market won’t recognise. In an entirely unscientific test, I asked a few friends – some nerds, some not – whether they’d heard this name and they just looked at me funny. However, according to Wikipedia, Huawei – founded in 1988 …

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Huawei IDEOS — Sneak peak review

While the full review is a little way off, here's a sneak peak of what's in store.The IDEOS is a diminutive 3G/HSDPA-capable Android 2.2-powered handset with similar form factor to the HTC Wildfire.It's small, easily fits in the hand - and while it might lack some of the hardware polish of a more 'name-brand' device, the IDEOS - as you will soon see - holds its own, especially considering the bargain-basement price of $159 outright on the Crazy John's network. It's quick, snappy, functional, and importantly, performs well as a mobile phone as well as a mobile data device.

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