It’s finally October, which means there is a fair bit of stuff expected to happen, unless of course you’re waiting for your Android 2.1 or 2.2 update, because that’ll no doubt be pushed back, again! In all seriousness though, there are a couple of fairly big launches coming up, and with a bit of luck we’ll have even more announcements this month leading up to the holiday period in the next couple of months. Hit the break to get into this months Android goodness!

HTC Aria will hit Optus mid-month

In the middle of this month we will see the HTC Aria hit Optus’s Stores on their $49 cap. For a mid-range device, it’s strange that they’re planning to selling it on the same plan as the high-end Galaxy S. So don’t be surprised to see it drop in price shortly after release, and if they do, it may also force Telstra to lower the price of the competing HTC Wildfire.

Froyo set for release on Telstra’s HTC Desire

After months of rumour and release date setback, I think we can safely say the Android 2.2 will land on your HTC Desire’s this month, and if it’s on time, within the next two weeks. The update will speed up your Desire nicely, and allow for new features such as OS-level tethering, Adobe Flash 10.1 as well installing Applications partly onto your MicroSD card.

Dell Streak available from today, Optus exclusive

The Dell Streak was by far the best device I have reviewd so far this year. And if you’re in the market for a large portable phone/small tablet, then I’m sure you’d love the Streak as well. It officially hits Optus stores from today on their $59 cap, which is a very, very good deal. Or if you’d prefer to own it outright, it’s available for $649 dollars, which is $350 less than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, although some would say that’s comparing chalk and cheese.

Sony Ericsson X10 Series may get their long-lost Android 2.1 update

Not only did Sony Ericsson manage to majorly f*** things up by releasing a device with Android 1.6 and no Multitouch, they managed to stuff up their Android 2.1 update and continually keep pushing it back. At the moment it’s slated at a “late October” release, but I’m sure there are people like me out there wondering if they’ll get it before the end of November. None the less, if you are an X10 Series owner, you have something to kind of look forward to for the next couple of months.

Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 update expected to roll out

This update is kind of the same as above, it may or may not see the light of day this month, but Samsung seem more committed to getting it out than Sony Ericsson. Galaxy S owners can expect to see their devices significantly speed up, with fixes including no more lag and better GPS positioning response. If you’re update does get pushed back Galaxy S owners, just remember: at least you’re being updated to the latest variant of Android!

HTC Desire HD expected to launch this month on Three & Vodafone

I asked you guys AGES ago if you’d like to see the EVO 4G be made into a GSM device, it was an overwhelming “YES!” and a few months later the HTC Desire HD is announced and is going to make itself home at VHA. No pricing or specific launch has been announced, but it surely can’t be more than 4 weeks away, surely! With its massive 4.3″ screen powered by a 1GHz CPU and HTC’s new Sense UI it will be a hit no doubt.

Motorola FLIPOUT heading to VHA this month

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of almost no one caring about the Motorola FLIPOUT being launched on VHA this month. I think it’s safe to say every Android Motorola device in this country has been a complete flop, partly because of Optus, of course. There’s a small part of me that would like to see the FLIPOUT do well on VHA just to stick it up Optus even more for their careless attitude towards the Android Platform.

Samsung 5 i5503T will launch Oct 16th on Telstra Prepaid.

Telstra is continuing to broaden their Android Device range, and will push the Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503T onto Telstra Prepaid for a suspected low price of $199, which if it’s anything like the HTC Wildfire, will change price store to store. With the low price point comes low specs: 2.8″ QVGA Display, 2MP Camera, 600MHz CPU, WiFi, Bluetooth and of course 3G (850/2100).

Huawei IDEOS to find itself at home on a Carrier

A source of ours sent in a sneak peek of the Huawei IDEOS little over a month ago, and not long after we got confirmation from Huawei that the IDEOS would indeed be heading to Australia but never mentioned which Carrier it was coming to. None the less this small, cheap device will hopefully be out this month and we’ll be getting our hands on one to test it out for you guys.

LG Optimus One will make it’s way to Optus this month

Last, but not least, is the LG Optimus One. The big brother of the crappy LG Optimus. This addition to the Optimus Series comes packed with a 600MHz CPU, 3.2MP Camera, Android 2.2 and Capacitive, yes CAPACITIVE display, a big step up from the resistive display that hampered the original LG Optimus. This little beauty will be hitting Optus for $349 outright or on low-end caps ($49 downwards we believe) and will include a full-blown GPS car kit valued at $99, bonus.

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On the back of the white HTC Desire, it has “HTC Sense” on it – does that means that this particular device now has the same “sense” application that will be available on the Desire HD and Z model??


It seems Optus is pushing some interesting Android devices this month, have they made any alliance with Dell for the future. Reckon they will pick up any Windows Devices for the near future?


Can I just check – is there actual official word from Samsung that they are going to fix the gps/lag issues? I have not been following the state of SGS development for a while so I’m just curious if there was official word from Samsung or the community is just assuming that these things will be fixed. Certainly, this doesn’t seem like a bad assumption, but then historically I would also have assumed that they would not ship a flagship device like the SGS with such crippling problems in the first place. I’m just trying to manage my expectations, so… Read more ยป


Telstra trying to pick-up there act, lets hope they can deliver the 2.2 Update for my HTC desire this october.


Hi Buzz, My Virgin plan is expiring next week and I’ve been searching around a bit for new handsets in the market today so that I can renew my plan. Definitely attracted by the Samsung Galaxy S after reading yours and othes’ reviews. But now that I’m reading that the Desire HD is coming as well, it just left me wondering. I also saw you mentioned that the Galaxy will have the new Android 2.2 as well. Is that something you can install into the phone if I get it now (assuming the current ones have Android 2.1), or is… Read more ยป


Cheers Buzz, that gives me a better idea of how to go when choosing.
Good review, BTW!


fingers crossed the desire z isn’t to far off. Also i look forward to hearing about the lg. Will it be running clean 2.2 as in no crappy ui?


The Optimus One may be the phone I end up getting my wife and I after the debarcle that is the HTC Aria on a $49 cap… I mean a GPS kit into the bargain, that’d be good on a $29 plan.

Just why did it have to be sooooo ugly?


Agreed!! LG optimus one is ugly but at least it comes with Froyo and capacitive multi-touch. Also LG is also quite quick in updating android..I’m also thinking bout getting one if its on virgin. Although I would really like to switch to VHA. Seems to be a far no decent android phone within $29 range…**sigh**


Optus has xperia x10 for $29, with a 2.1 update and 4 inch screen you cant go wrong..Oh and telstra ahs it for $1000 unlocked so its a bargain on the $29 cap


What is the use of a 4″ screen when there is no multi touch? I’m hoping that there will be lots of apps/games that will require muti-touch in future.


I have checked optus today Xperia X10 is no longer on $29 Cap…tsk tsk tsk


I have heard from VHA that they have no release date for the Desire HD at this stage, it’s not on their Roadmap, which would mean a November release at the earliest. If the information is correct.


No midrange for VHA…only top end HTC and low(est) end Flipout…Hmmm they could include LG optimus one at least…more disappointment..


VHA have the HTC Legend, X10 mini pro which are mid range Android devices.


How come $49 cap (HTC legend) is a midrange phone(from my experience $19 =Low end, $29= Mid range and $49 and up= High end)? Also I don’t like X10 mini pro as the screen is too small for a decent android experience.


Why everyone so down on the flipout. Looks comparable in most specs and better in some (esp with a h/w keyboard given small screen s/w keyboards suck) to the Wildfire and ideos, which seem to get love from this site?

Kavierer Loopjers

I bit the bullet and have ordered my Desire HD from the UK for approx $680. Should ship on the 6th. It means I can stay with Virgin Mobile and it won’t have any carrier apps and branding.

Kavierer Loopjers

Buzz, I can tell you for sure that I have never been more excited for any piece of technology that I have ordered before.

It’s also my first Android phone and I am pretty sure the technology has matured enough to keep me satisfied with it.
Now I can start developing some paid apps for it.

Gopal Dhas

@PseudoEdge who did you order your desire HD through? I’m really keen to do exactly the same, pay for an unlocked phone without carrier apps and then shop around for the best cap plans.
And what do people think about using mobicity?

Kavierer Loopjers

I pre-ordered mine from I have never bought anything from there before but have had a friend by his HTC Desire (not the HD) from there. It came to about 424 GBP.

I plan to do the whole BYO phone plan to get extra credit with Virgin. I can then leave anytime too.

Gopal Dhas

awesome thanks guys, i’ll have a look in to it


Any idea on Desire HD Price..? And i’m looking forward to Xperia 2.1 take-two ;D


The Desire HD is just toooo sweeeeet! ๐Ÿ™‚


no word on the desire Z??


Hanging out for 2.2, my Desire has run out of memory, I want to move some apps to the SD card.
The Samsung Galaxy seems to have quite a few issues that need to be fixed and I hope they do soon along with a 2.2 update, wifey is on Optus and needs a new phone, I was suggesting the Galaxy but if they do not fix things I might even steer her to that phone made by the half chewed up fruit company.


No mention of google announcing paid apps in more countries including Australia?