Optus and Telstra love a good slinging match: first they launch cheap crap-tablets, then they release the same tablet and phone and now we can add selling similar $99 prepaid phones. Yep that’s right, Optus is now selling their own $99 prepaid device: the Huawei X1. Here are some of its lackluster specs:

  • 2.8″ QVGA (240 x 320) Capacitive Display
  • Android 2.2
  • 528MHz Qualcomm CPU
  • 3.2MP Camera
  • Expandable MicroSD Slot
  • 900/2100MHz 3G
  • Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth 2.1
  • 90grams

The specs aren’t that great, but for $99 you can’t expect greatness now can you? Personally I’d tell anyone looking to buy an Android device with a QVGA screen to not even bother. Let us know what you think of Telstra and Optus’ device slinging match in the comments.

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USB 3G Viettel

This is exciting technology imformation. 

Matt Booth



@9de206ff98b0c52709ed9fcc0b78d7ef:disqus, Any idea of a launch date? Also, will it be available on Optus Prepaid or Boost Prepaid, or both?



can confirm from industry insiders all details are correct, this is a nice handset and at a hundred bucks who can complain.

Francis Arjonillo

I’d expect this device to lag like hell.

Dylan Waghorne

read reviews for the huawei ideos, its actually alright for 100 bucks

Mick Bourke

Hey Buzz, I can’t see anything on the Optus site – this phone would be perfect for my Dad. What was the source of your information. Thanks.


Im hoping this would be a good phone for someone that is going to use the phone primarily as a dumb phone but be able to email photo’s around and get to Gtalk. Prepaid for Highschool kids  and parents that I force into buying a smart phone but an SGS2 would be wasted on

Dylan Waghorne

exact same as ideos?

Buzz Moody

Appears to be, except with a crazier design.

Dylan Waghorne

i like the original better, haha.

Annoying Old Fart

…and a cheaper price. I’m still happy with my Ideos, and this is stunning value for anyone not fixated on the size of the numbers.