The UK got it, so it’s only fair that us Aussies receive some of the Froyo goodness as well. If you still own the good ol’ HTC Magic from Vodafone, you will have (or maybe not yet) received the Android 2.2.1 update in what we hear is coming in two parts. Will Android 2.2.1 be the end of the line in terms of Android updates? We think so, we’re honestly surprised they managed to fit 2.2.1 on, so props to Google, HTC and Vodafone for their efforts.

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I received the 2.2.1 OTA update for my Magic just before christmas and while I love the new features that it provided, I’m now plagued by crashes and random restarts (about 10 a day). I contacted htc and they claim that this version hasn’t been approved for the magic and have advised me to roll back to 2.1 WTF!? Has anyone else had a similar experience. I’ve tried doing a factory reset and formatting the SD card but no joy! How am I supposed to be happy going back to 2.1 now that I’ve seen what I’m missing out on.… Read more ยป


You make an annoyingly good point…bugger =P


Your post is listed as -1 years, 12 months ago on my Recent Comments section…


Also, the 3 Magic is running 1.5 whereas Vodafone was running 1.6. Ripped off!


Any word on the 3 HTC Magic? It has more RAM so it is more than capable. And Vodafone owns 3 now so… where’s the love?


2.2 is also now being pushed out onto the aria in other parts of the world…


And still no sign of froyo for the Legend….. What a load of ****!