May I announce the start of the Carrier Tablet wars, begun! Optus have launched their 7″ Prepaid Tablet through BigW and retails for $279, which is $20 cheaper than Telstra’s T-Touch Tab. The ZTE manufactured Tablet features a 7″ resistive 800×480 display, 3G connectivity, WiFi, Android 2.1, 3MP rear-facing camera as well as VGA front-facing webcam.

All the usual Google Applications, including the Android Market, are included and ready to go which is great to bring the full Android experience to a low-price Tablet device. Anyone looking to stick one of these in their Christmas stocking? You can check out our comparison of this device and the Telstra T-Touch Tab.

Source: BigW.
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Are you able to provide further details on How can i get it to store apps on my sd card rather than the phone storage? Cannot seems to locate it. Many thanks


Yeah, we purchased ZTE tabs yesterday, on calling Optus, the actual sim cards that come with them are only for wireless internet etc, but if you call Optus they will send out a free sim card that will access the phone, or you could go to any Optus outlet and purchase the recharge thing and have everything on? Try out the GPS its awesome, watching a movie is just a good.


Can it be unlocked from the network


How can i get it to store apps on my sd card rather thwn the phone?


It can be done without uninstalling the app.  Have a look around in it.  I found somewhere that allows you to move programs to the sdcard but dont ask me where 🙂 


is it a phone or what  


Yes it is also a phone.  You can use it 2 ways, as a speaker phone (no privacy) or by using the supplied combined earphones / microphone.
FYI it is also a stand alone satellite gps that works just like a car gps when you install the suitable software… it also has wifi, stand alone broadband, fm radio, camera, movie camera, photo viewer (you can upload photos to the sdcard), music player, plus heaps more.
A fantastic device!


Bought MYTAB for xmas. Not happy keeps say “Low on space. Phone storage space is getting low.” How can that be, I have only installed Angry Birds.

Emily Stephens

does anyone know where to get a case from for the optus my tab. would the cases for the samsung galaxy tab fit this tablet


I’m looking at a possible one in ebay. It’s a leather case for a 7 inch tablet with free screen protector for $13.49. Just confirming that I can use this without removing from the case if I want to use the USB ports or charging port, etc. I’m almost certain it will but still have to confirm.

BTW Does anyone know where I can purchase a cover / bag for this product?


maybe try products for the galaxy tab?


Does it support flash?

Just purchased one of these today and so far am finding it great for the price.

Can’t wait until Adroid 2.2 comes out for it!

Out of the box (with no charging) the battery was about 40% and lasted about 3-4 hours.


two things. how long does the battery last on constant use of 3g and i would like to get at least froyo at a reasonable amount of time.


Doh! I have been looking for a cheaper tablet for a while and for a long time I thought I needed to wait for a capacitive screen. I played with the T-Touch though and found that I could type with my fingers just fine, and I have read that the Optus MyTab screen is even more responsive. And then I know that the new Millennius is to have a capacitive screen and probably won’t have the bloat that the telco provided machines will have but I like the sound of 512MB memory better! But then, there are even cheaper and… Read more »


why not just buy an adam for 375, while youre at it?


Can’t be any more dodgy than this PoS


you know, at 329 the millenius tablet is much better value.