It’s been teetering on the edge, whether or not the Wildfire was going to get 2.2 but now we have confirmation from HTC. The 2.2 update will start rolling out next week in Europe then onto the rest of the world. Knowing Telstra the update will be out late February, it takes time to add all those carrier branded applications that add features to the user experience. Also, 2.2 just might be the end of the line for you, Wildfire owners.

Well, we have good news! Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) on Wildfire is scheduled to begin rolling out this week in Europe, reaching all areas of the world by February.

Source: HTC Facebook.
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Any word on telstra upgrade to froyo yet?


when to the shop @ telstra the response was..we know nothing ask HTC

the system

@Rickylee, I tweeted the following to @Telstra in Jan:
“@telstra: still awaiting for your #android 2.2 release for HTC Wildfire. Need help with testing?”

@Telstra responded to that with:
“@core_form We’ve already got that covered, but thanks for your offer! More info to come once it’s available. Tristo :)”

Which suggests they are in fact doing something about it, albeit superbly SLOW!

Asked them yet again this week, no response…


I just spoke to Telstra who pleaded ignorance. Passed the buck to HTC.


Yeah I am still waiting too. Might pop in the store tomorrow and find out if anyone knows about it

Anthony Valente

Still waiting for Telstra’s update. 🙁


If you can (generally speaking) only get these phones on 24 month plans why are they not updating for the 24 months, or are they just waiting for you to shell out on the wildfire 2 when that comes out. (I’m getting that phone when it comes here)


My sony w595 just died.


What do you think their testing involves? Are they testing signal quality across their network under the new OS? Are they testing the functionality of their crApps under the new OS? Are they testing the performance of their crApps under the new OS? Are they testing HTC’s Apps under the new OS on their network? Perhaps some or all of the above? Do you think they automate this testing or do it manually?


Yes to all of the above; and both manual and automatic testing…


Testing mobile software is a new thing to Telstra, I’m wondering to what extent they are doing it and whether any of that is automated. I’ve provided professional services to Telstra in the past regarding automated performance testing and monitoring, got some solutions that could really help them speed up testing of Android OS updates but don’t have a contact in that silo…


Where are you Telstra ? Its Feb and still NO FROYO for the Wildfire. Come on – you’ve ported the Desire already – how hard is it to copy and paste ???


Good news! “it takes time to add all those carrier branded applications that add features to the user experience” – you’re being waaaaay too nice. Telstra’s crApps are simply extra ways for Telstra to dupe sensless users into coughing up more money plus one of the big reasons the ‘Manage Applications’ list on a Wildfire takes ages to load up.


phew! I thought they’d got to you too 😮


lol, after all the posts here, you couldn’t smell sarcasm?


perfect install with no problems at all. initial impressions are that moving through the menu’s and screens is quicker and smoother, browsing web pages has improved too. The only negative at this point is still no HD recording on the camcorder, unlike the Desires with Froyo.


Downloading right now onto my unlocked EU Wildfire. Fingers crossed there are no problems.


good on HTC for supporting their devices, unlike others


I am glad I decided to go with the LG Optimus One then as I could well have 2.3 before the wildfire gets 2.2.


oh yeah? 2 mp camera with no led flash? and not to mention Wildfire has scratch resistant body. Dev people can custom a ROM. unlike your LG Optimus One’s hardware, it can’t be changed :))