The lucky folk working the dream job at Google Australia will be blessed with a belated Christmas gift from the Big G, a brand new Nexus S. The device has been delayed until 2011 for the staff, as Samsung need to gain certification to be released in Australia. With that certification it also means that the device will be ready to be launched on a Carrier and spread to the masses. If that idea fails, you can always befriend someone at Google who might want to transfer their device to you in return for money, or you could be normal and snag one from MobiCity or eBay. Either way, we want the Nexus S launched here!

Source: ZDnet.
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Just bought a US model in Bangkok $670 AUD. Love the phone, got my Telstra sim in it here in Oz and works great


LOL come on its barely all that exciting. I have galaxy S and its just a smartphone really. get a life writer


well im off to apply for a job at google.


that is exactly what i though after i read it!

Drew Freyling

Disappointing hardware though. But yes, Gingerbread.


I bought one already while I am in america, for a reader in tassie


Yes we do want the Nexus S downunder! We want to zip into the nearest network’s store and have a play with gingerbread, don’t we guys? Well, I know I do.