Dell has been teasing this 7″ Tablet for a while now, and today was the day they finally got official with it by announcing the Streak 7 during their CES keynote speech. You can easily think of the Streak 7 as a more grown up, matured version of the Streak. It has a 7″ Gorilla Glass display, but is only 800×480 resolution, this is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz CPU. There are both rear-facing (5MP) and front-facing (1.3MP) cameras as well as UMTS bands that suit Telstra’s NextG network, so maybe it might come to Australia via them in the coming months. You can check out more specs and info via the source link.

Source: Dell.
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Motorola Xoom

I thing this new iPhone would be an impressive piece of technology..

Lucas Burnett

Atrix looks awesome, about time companies started thinking outside the box and starting to redefine what mobile computing is.


I hope the Motorola XOOM, Dell Streak and ADAM come to Australia. Or at least hopefully they’re readily available for purchase to Australia from UK or US. Can’t wait for some dual core goodness in tablets and smartphones to hit Australian shores.

Droid Bionic looks very nice on specs. I’m sure Motorola will lock it down as well. Hope a similarly spec-ed phone comes soon from HTC or Samsung.


do you know what the prices will be like? the same as buying off their website? its a good idea as tha way you get local warranty. or atleast some1 local to send it back to if it fails,


I hope they go about their promise of worldwide single pricing..


the xoom should come out to aust but the droid bionic will not (verizon only) but rather get the atrix instead



lower res isnt all bad, it will be VERY fast at that resolution with a Tegra 2

Daniel McKenna

Much better then the 5″… would like to see how it runs