Update: Sony Ericsson UK have confirmed this, saying Android 2.1 is better than 2.2. Yep, they know their stuff.

News just coming out of the Android Community site is that Sony Ericsson will not be updating the current X10 range of devices past Android 2.1. They go on to say that Sony Ericsson will continue to bring refinements to the devices (TimeScape & MediaScape updates) as well as the dual-touch patch for the Xperia X10.

Their reasoning behind this, is that they want to focus on their upcoming devices such as the Xperia arc. If this news is confirmed by other sources, this is a shit day for current X10 owners, especially Xperia X10 owners, some of which are still waiting for their Android 2.1 update.

Source: Android Community.
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regarding this news, I will never buy SE phones


My advice : DONT Update your 1.6 to 2.1

I have an X10 which was running very fine on 1.6

Now I updated to 2.1 and it is rebooting whenever I take an application regardless of whether it is SE browser or an installed one.

Earlier at least I had a usable phone. Now I have a smart phone which restarts when I try to read a mail ๐Ÿ™

Just search in the net and you will see what I am saying.


Ugh I completely agree with Ragflan and am thoroughly annoyed that I now need to find a Windows PC to flash my x10.


Just updated my x10 minipro to 2.1 on 3mobile! Only 6 weeks after their buddies at Vodfon3 pushed it out.


I didn’t even get my 2.1 update and i’m on the 3 Network. Horrible customer service and lack of communication from 3. Vodafone, Telstra, Optus got it, why not 3!!!



I feel glad that i just upgraded from to a HTC Desire HD. Way to go Sony.

Moody x10

HAHAHA… i’m getting rid of my x10 next week… no more worrying about rooting, a locked down bootloader, piss poor performance, short battery life and limited support by SE and google.


Thanks for reaffirming why i should never buy any Sony Ericsson products. guaranteed no support!


What phone provider are you on


i tried my x10 mini pro on se update service, and it still says i had the latest software… still on1.6


OMG i jsut got my 2.1 update for my xperia x10 mini pro on 3!!!!!!!


Worst news ever, I am one of those waiting for a 2.1 update. Balls.


I dont get it. If as a manufacturer, you don’t plan on providing updates, leave your damn phone as open as possible so we can flash custom ROMs. Dont use encrypted bootloaders and stuff. I’m so glad I bought a Galaxy S instead of a Sony Xperia. Samsung may not be any better at providing timely updates, but they left their device so ridiculously open and so stupidly easy to flash new firmwares and custom ROMs, that I have no complaints. I think Google really needs to get their shit together. Starting Honeycomb, they need to start getting rid of… Read more ยป


The problem is you people whinge but at the end of the day most of you will keep buying their products. This only reinforces their case for neglecting support and simply releasing new products. It’s an age of consumerism.

This is not supposed to be a negative post but just a reminder of reality.


SE don’t do green technology in the age where green technology SHOULD be prevalent.


Thanks for the sad new and this mean I thought it will have more hopes and more update for x10 and I’m so sad from SE and it is forcing me to sell it soon.

It is so stupid.




Why would you want to buy an Xperia ‘arc’ if it’s likely not to get updates like their previous phones.

Sony Ericsson, a nice way to fail miserably.